The Turmeric Salve


The Turmeric Salve


Our body salve contains 100mg of hemp extract per 2oz jar and 400mg per 4 oz jar.

We like to use our Turmeric Salve as our own version of 'tiger balm' applied directly to the skin. This formulation works best with tackling inflammation, sore muscles, aching joints and helps with muscle recovery post-workout. The salve is formulated with turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe, and other essential oils. No soy, no fillers. We recommend you use it directly on aching joints and muscles. Not recommended for facial use.

Choose from our regular strength in our 2oz jar (100mg Strength), or extra-strength in our 4oz jar (400mg Strength).

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How To Use

Rub your preferred amount directly onto skin, with a focus on sore joints and muscles. You should feel the immediate cooling effects of the menthol, then the rising heat of the cayenne as the CBD's effects set in. Keep away from face and out of eyes.

FDA Statement

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