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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plant. CBD oil is not psychoactive — which means it won’t get you high and is virtually impossible to lethally overdose.

The hemp industry has not done a great job of implementing any self-regulation on the labeling products deemed by the manufacturer or retailer to be THC Free, Broad or Full Spectrum. 

The primary thing to know is that products made from only CBD isolate greater than 99% pure CBD are likely the only products that are THC Free. 

Broad Spectrum generally indicates that the product also contains other cannabinoids, which may include trace amounts of THC. 

Full Spectrum products generally contain cannabinoids, including THC, at higher concentrations than Broad Spectrum products.

Everyones relationship with CBD is different and is affected by many factors. Your metabolism and the number of milligrams you utilize daily is key. 

For topical products, you should feel a positive effect within a few minutes of use. 

For sublingual and ingestible products it may take an hour to feel positive improvement. 

If you are ingesting smaller doses of a product as a prophylaxis, it may take 2-4 weeks to see any improvement, and that improvement may not be something you “feel” until you stop taking the product.

Use only THC Free products manufactured from CBD isolate greater than 99% pure CBD. Avoid ingesting or applying topically any product labeled as Broad or Full Spectrum.

If this is a concern for you, we suggest trying our broad-spectrum products which are THC-free.

You can shop for those here!

Finding the right dose is different for everyone, so we wrote a blog post on how to figure it out with any CBD product. 

Check it out here!

Generally 1 year. Refrigerated storage may extend the shelf life, but isn't necessary if kept in a cool dry place.

Not from taking CBD alone, but if the product contains other cannabinoids, or cannabinoids that are psychoactive, such as THC, there is the possibility you will feel a euphoric effect.

It is best when starting a CBD product regimen to do so while you are at home and not driving, operating equipment, or engaged in an activity which can easily lead to injury due to impairment.

We recommend sticking to our pet formula for dosing your best friend.  While the AM formula is not poisonous, our PM contains hops which can cause malignant hyperthermia, which results in a rapid rise in body temperature.

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