About us

We are humans in collaboration with plants.

We know first hand the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids, especially when paired with other powerful plant botanicals. We formulate our products using our favorite Ayurvedic-inspired blends to give you the right dose at the right time.

Our 2022 mission is simple.

Our 2022 mission is simple Yuyo aims to change how our community perceives and affordably receives the cannabinoid plant and its CBD components. We are committed to manufacturing cleaner and highly effective quality products. By implementing sustainable farming practices, we are supporting the farmers and preserving our soil.

We continue to focus on biodegradable and recyclable packaging to create less waste and reduce our carbon footprint. As lovers of all animals, our products will always be cruelty-free. We work hard to give back to the community that sustains us by donating a portion of our revenue to 1% for the Planet and donations organized by the Floret Coalition.

Plant & community commitments

At Yuyo, we're on a mission to use our business as a tool to help reinstate the health of our planet. We started our journey in 2017 as a response to a community need for education around the value of hemp extracts and products.

We focused on building a loyal consumer following by offering handcrafted, small-batch, high-quality products at competitive price points.

Fast forward to 2021, the cannabis industry is booming, and we are still faced with similar challenges but on a much larger scale. The overproduction of hemp, brand flooding, and a still unclear path on compliance and regulation have influenced how we have introduced new products and maintained our small corner of the industry.

We hope to grow Yuyo with intention and partnerships that directly benefit the earth and the health of its inhabitants. With your support, we hope to achieve our mutual goals of being responsible.