Whole Plant Sample Set

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Whole Plant Sample Set


Yuyo understands that finding the right product can be complicated, especially when you need more than a sample to determine if cannabis wellness is right for you. 

Introducing our Whole Plant Sample Set featuring 15mL versions of our botanical formulas and 1oz of our Turmeric Salve. It’s a perfect size and perfect price to test-drive our botanical blends in your daily routine. 

Each set comes in our 100% Recycled Gift Box with instructions on use to take our formulas. A great option for a gift! 

Our Whole Plant Sample Set includes: 

Whole Plant 15ml  |Turmeric+ 15ml | Turmeric Salve 1oz

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AM Formula

We formulate our AM tincture with organic hemp seed oil, 300mg of hemp extract, ashwagandha root, peppermint, and lemon.

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PM Formula

Our PM tincture is formulated with organic hemp seed oil, sweet orange, roman chamomile and hops, and is perfect for evening use.

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Turmeric Salve

The salve is formulated with turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe, and other essential oils. No soy, no fillers.

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