The Sample Collection

Yuyo understands that finding the right product can be complicated, especially when you need more than a sample to determine if cannabis wellness is right for you.

Introducing our Whole Plant Sample Set and our Daily Dose Sample Set (THC Free), featuring 15mL versions of our botanical formulas and 1oz of our Turmeric Salve. It’s a perfect size and perfect price to test-drive our botanical blends in your daily routine. 

Each set comes in our 100% Recycled Gift Box with instructions on use to take our formulas. A great option for a gift!


Our Daily Dose Sample Set includes our THC-Free Formulas: 

AM 15ml  | PM 15ml | Turmeric Salve 1oz


Our Whole Plant Sample Set includes: 

Whole Plant 15ml  |Turmeric+ 15ml | Turmeric Salve 1oz