What's In The Bottle?

What's In The Bottle?


The hemp industry is booming. Finding the best products has become more complex as hemp businesses multiply by the 100s daily. Finally, pulling the trigger and purchasing your first bottle of CBD only to feel like nothing is happening and you’ve wasted your money is enough to turn anyone off the plant entirely. As mammals, we all have cannabis receptors also known as the endocannabinoid system in the biz. The endocannabinoid system is a nerve signaling system throughout the human body that helps maintain physiological, emotional, and cognitive stability. With that said, it’s extremely unlikely that someone feels nothing after ingesting quality CBD. 


There are a few factors as to why someone might feel duped when trying out their first bottle. We think one of the most important is the hemp quality and concentration. Since hemp has yet to be regulated by the FDA, it’s hard to monitor what goes into everything in the market.  If you’re purchasing your hemp products from truck stops, sketchy websites, or even Amazon, chances are you are not getting the quality CBD your body is looking for. 


A common mislabeling is hemp products derived from hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is a nutritious and commonly used oil for topping salads and soups but lacks any noticeable traces of CBD. In other words: it will never work because it was never intended to.


A quality CBD retailer, like your neighborhood hemp shop or a reputable online retailer—who will have the reviews and third-party testing to back up the efficacy of their products, is a better avenue, especially if you’re new to cannabis wellness. Just like buying anything, you’re not familiar with, doing some shopping around and asking for COAs, ingredients lists, and reading reviews will help you purchase with more confidence.

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