A Cozy Night in

We've done all the thinking for you this Valentines Day.

It’s that time of year again — you’re either making sweet plans for your special someone or flying solo and considering a night of self-care and a much-needed hard reset. Are you feeling yourself? Found love with someone else? Crushing hard on your neighbor? Giddy about your solitude? Whatever love looks like for you, we all absolutely deserve it this year. 

So tuck yourself in and check out our splurge-worthy ideas for turning the light down low and getting intimate. 

A Cozy Night In 

This is the set-up for when you’re looking to unplug and decompress.

A few drops, or hell, a couple of droppers full — there’s no such thing as too much in our eyes — of our PM Formula sublingual tincture will have you melting away in no time. This artfully crafted botanical combination is the perfect end to a long day. Featuring 900mg of THC-free, highly concentrated hemp extract, hops, sweet orange, and roman chamomile.

While you’re waiting for Yuyo’s plants to work their magic, it's time to run a warm bath with Palermo Replenishing Salt Soak with Himalayan Pink + Dead Sea Salts. This calming blend combines healing herbal extracts with Magnesium-rich salts to relax and destress the body. Promote balance and boost mood with this dreamy blend of jasmine, sambac absolute + geranium oil.

Top off this relaxing soak with a Boy Smells Slow Burn Candle by Kacey Musgraves. The “scent-iment” of Slow Burn is about pausing along the way to relax and enjoy exactly where you are right now, and we couldn't agree more. This sultry candle smells of incense, black pepper, and guaiac wood with an undertone of burning embers. So as Kacey would say: Take your time, let the world turn.

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula
Palermo Replenishing Salt Soak
Boy Smells Slow Burn Candle by Kacey Musgraves

Date Night (or Day) at Home

With yourself, your pet, or your favorite human. Or have a date day. What is time anyway? Grab a bottle of our AM Formula to recenter yourself and bring the focus back on you. Blended with 300mg of THC-free, highly concentrated hemp extract, ashwagandha, lemon, and peppermint. The AM Formula is zippy, refreshing, and versatile. 

There has been a lot to drink about over the past 11 months, but maybe you’re looking for a lighter, herbaceous, and uplifting option to your cocktail hour. We love having Kin Euphorics High Rhode as an alcohol-free option. Grounded in an herbaceous palate, Kin High Rhode has notes of earthy florals, tart citrus, and warming spice. Mix with juices, sodas, and a few drops of that AM Formula over soda water. 

So you’ve got your cocktail prepared and snacks on hand. But your night isn’t complete without the entertainment. We love the Belcourt Theatre’s Virtual Cinema! The Belcourt, Nashville’s longtime independent cinema, has taken social distancing seriously by moving their showings to a virtual platform. For $10-$12, you can support a Nashville arthouse theatre and see some hard-to-find titles and thought-provoking new releases for a cozy night in.

Yuyo Botanics AM Formula
Kin Euphorics High Rhode
Belcourt Theature’s Virtual Cinema 


Self Love Session

As great philosopher Ru Paul has famously said, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else!”

We are going to go ahead and call it: 2021 is the year to make you the priority. Spend some time and listen to what your body needs most. It is well-known that stress and anxiety can cause inflammation. Queue our Turmeric+ Formula, the best companion for anyone interested in bringing their nerve and lymphatic systems back on track. Turmeric is blended with black pepper, ginger, and 900mg of full spectrum hemp extract.  

Speaking of puffiness and inflammation, let's talk about putting your best face forward with a little help from Mount Lai’s De-Puffing Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool. Inspired by Chinese acupressure points, this massage tool is crafted from rose quartz for a soothing, cooling effect.. Rose quartz has calming properties and aids in meditation and reflection. It is known as the stone of love! 

Set the mood with Bodha’s Tenderness Ritual Incense - Experience a moment of tenderness with this rosy therapeutic scent. A heart-soothing blend of rose, geranium & shiso leaf, coupled with a smokeless burn for tender lungs. The ancient ritual of incense helps to calm the mind, create space and set intention.

Yuyo Botanics Turmeric+ Formula

Mount Lai’s De-Puffing Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool
Bodha’s Tenderness Ritual Incense

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