Wellness Journal with HaLe Mind and Body
Christen Craig
Wellness Journal with HaLe Mind and Body

Your wellness journey shouldn’t only be about the products in your pantry or medicine cabinet. 

Creating a healthy body and mind involves many moving parts. We’ve teamed up with Ha.Lé Integrative Health to help bring you essential easy to follow holistic health tips and information. Their team of bodyworkers, nutritionist, and board-certified doctors have covered topics from stress and pain relief, nutrition, and mindful meditations. We are so honored to host their knowledge on the Yuyo Blog. 

We'll be focusing on the ways to take your CBD experience to the next level by holistically focusing on your body and your daily practices. Each week we'll be sharing a new blog, written by their team of experts to bring some balance to your everyday.

To kick off our partnership, we'd like to introduce you to Janice Cathey, the owner and Founder of Ha.Lé Integrative Health.

As a visionary of integrated medicine, Janice is fascinated by the body’s ability to heal. She has devoted her professional life to finding pathways to elicit healthy responses in mind and body. 

In 2015, she opened Ha.Lé as a way to help bridge the gap between western medicine and integrative health care. Informed by her 15 years of LMT private practice, she understands that the body is bio-intelligent and has the ability to heal through therapeutic movement and somatics.  

As an entrepreneur, Janice regularly has experiences and engages with people who upgrade her current approach and perspective of life. Psychologists call this selective attention. What we’re focused on expands us. Her attention has been on engagement with healing processes, through integrative health care. 

Janice’s goal has been to create an environment for healing, growth, and transformation. Zen philosophy talks about the 5 aspects of life, which is the supreme meal: spirituality, study & learning, livelihood, social action & change, relationship & community. Ha.Lé exemplifies the supreme meal.

Want to take your wellness journey to the next level? Schedule a 15 minute phone consult with the HaLe Team to receive your personalized wellness plan. 

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