Matcha Tea, Honey and CBD

To kick off our partnership, Ha.Lé shared a delightful pick-me-up featuring our AM formula and matcha. It’s delicious and easy to add to your routine anytime. This recipe highlights our AM Formula which includes Ashwagandha, Peppermint and Lemon, delivering a dose of focused calm to set the pace for a productive day. 

What We Eat And Drink Has A Direct Effect On Our Health And Well-Being. 

Sometimes small changes or additions can make a large difference in how we feel. A combination of matcha tea, raw honey, and CBD is one of our healthy pleasures, and let us tell you why. 

Matcha Tea comes from the green tea plant, but it is grown and prepared in a way that dramatically increases the antioxidants. It may help protect the liver, and has been shown to improve attention, reaction time, and memory. It is linked to cancer prevention, heart health protection, and weight loss. 

Raw honey is honey that still has its full antioxidant and natural phytochemical profile. Honey has antibacterial effects and its phenolic profile supports healthy, balanced digestion. Be careful not to add it to boiling hot water, as that can reduce its benefits. 

CBD is cannabidiol, from the hemp plant (or marijuana, where legal). CBD lowers anxiety, promotes restorative rest, and reduces pain. Daytime use of CBD supports a calmer, more productive day. Anxiety and pain drain our energy and attention, and CBD helps return them to healthy levels. 

Recipe from Ha. CEO, Janice Cathey, in partnership with Yuyo Botanics:

2 tsp Matcha Green Tea

Raw honey to taste

5-7 drops Yuyo AM Formula Tincture with Ashwagandha

½ c hot water

Make a paste with your Matcha and Honey, then add the hot water. 

Continue to stir until you get a rich green color. 

Top your tea with Yuyo AM Formula tincture to get a quick, delicious dose of cannabinoids with the added benefit of ashwagandha. 

Happy sipping!


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