Changing the Stigma of Cannabis in Hong Kong: Meet Denise Tam of Heavens Please
Christen Craig
Changing the Stigma of Cannabis in Hong Kong: Meet Denise Tam of Heavens Please
Denise, how long have you been operating Heavens Please, and where did the name come from?
We started Heavens Please two years ago out of the need of releasing "Hongkong-ers" from a time of extremely high tension. Me and my partner Terry are a strong advocate of natural healings and plant medicine, we love Cannabis and believed in its healing potential ever since we encountered CBD products first hand. We desperately need something that can bring our people out of the shadows and Heavens Please is the answer. I believe everyone has their own heaven, and by holistic healing through body, mind and spirit, we will achieve and get to our own heaven, hence the name Heavens Please. We will bring you there step by step, little by little.

Where did your interest in plant-based wellness come from?
I believe humans are intrinsically connected with plants, through matter and spirit. I've never been fond of western medicine, I hated the taste and always have a hard time gulping down the pills. I'm raised using Chinese medicine - whenever I'm sick, my father would take me to a doctor who would prescribe me packs of herbs for herbal tea, which is very common in Hong Kong. It's slow healing but it is based on a way where they use herbs and insects as medicine to facilitate balance in your body in accordance with your body's elements.

Cannabis is a touchy subject no matter where you are. What do you think are some key differences between the US and Hong Kong when talking about it? Some unique misconceptions in your market?
In the US where states have cannabis legalized, no matter recreational or medical, people are more open to admitting their use of cannabis, it is a widely accepted thing. People are more open to their stance and what they support while in Hong Kong there are little voices here and there for legalization but it's difficult to gather people to come together to fight for a greater good. Of course, there are histories and cultures playing a big factor in the developments. In Hong Kong, we have a herbal tea called Huo Ma Ren which uses cannabis sativa seeds as an ingredient, somehow people are still very confused when they hear the seeds used (hemp seeds) are actually from the Cannabis family.A very common misconception in our market here is very similar to others who are just opening up to cannabis, I don't think it is a unique one. Is that most people still confuse what cannabinoids are, what are their uses, but people would think they need a high dosage to start with, or use only when in need. But because cannabinoids can help us return to our homeostasis, they should be best used continuously. Hopefully these knowledge and cannabis science will be back on the horizon and be more recognized by modern medical practitioners and by people.

What products are in the medicine cabinet right now? Any favorites? Why?
Because plants can work together to create greater therapeutic benefits, they can be directed at a specific way upon creation and intention. Plants and cannabinoids create amazing synergistic effects, that is why I always have PM Formula on hand when I need a carefree, restful sleep. When I want a boost in focus and energy I would use Interstellar, because with CBG it uplifts me in a way where I can transform the energy into motivation. In the beginning when I'm still in doubt of CBD's anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects on topical use, I've read it theoretically but cannot attest to it. The Turmeric Salve is the one product that made me a believer. I sprained my ankle when rushing my way down to get to a subway station, luckily I brought the turmeric salve with me that day, which immediately relieved my pain by 80% and I was able to stumble my way back home a block away in a five story building to rest. It guaranteed a speedy recovery. I always keep a selection of tea in my cupboard because different kinds of teas can direct your chi and balance you through seasonal changes. Also, stay hydrated!

Anything exciting on the horizon for you and Heavens Please?
I'm hoping to focus more on developing spiritual healing and deepening my knowledge of plants while Heavens Please will not only be providing products but an immersive experience of the healing power of plants.
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