Camille Cohen x Yuyo Botanics

Camille Cohen x Yuyo Botanics

With the creation of Yuyo at Home - we wanted to intersect the broad sustainability of the hemp plant and curate products that radiate our passion for this plant. 

We're introducing the first in our Yuyo At Home Collection with our collaboration with CamCo Studio, and Camille Cohenis our new obsession. Camille’s talent in pottery immediately caught our attention and we couldn’t wait to figure out a way to work together. It took some time, but quietly last December, we released a limited run of special edition botanical plates, vases, vessels, and trays. Needless to say, it was a hit and we are working on the second phase of what we hope is a long-time friendship.

Our collaboration focuses on ways we can integrate multi-use of the plants grown to produce our products. Camille uses the leaves of those growing plants to imprint on her work. We're elated to expand on how we re-use the post extraction waste in her upcoming series in our collaboration. 

In the meantime, we figured it's about time you got to know Camille and her passion for pottery, sustainability and her love for Yuyo.


Introduce yourself! Tell us A Little Bit About What Makes You A Living, Your Passion, Your Hobbies? 


This is my second time living in Nashville - it’ll be ten years this summer! My first time living here was for undergrad, which is where I discovered my love for clay. I stepped away from it for a few years after graduating and picked it up again five years ago. I’m so glad I did! 

For my day job, I work in a niche area of Marketing called Product Marketing helping to connect the dots between Product, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Support teams for tech companies. 

As for hobbies, I love taking long walks with my dog and playing sous-chef with my husband. My dog and my husband are my cheerleaders and support system - I’m so lucky to have them by my side!


Drop Us Your Business Handle! How Can We Share Your Work?


You can find me online on Instagram (@CamCoStudio) and on my website You can also find me in person at the Clay Lady’s Campus.

What's The Inspiration Behind Your Yollaboration With Yuyo?


We were lucky enough to get some hemp leaves in our Bloomsbury Farm CSA basket a few years back. I wondered how to use them - looking up recipes and considering just admiring them in a vase - when my husband asked why I didn’t try to use them on some of my pieces. I came up with a method, did a few experiments, and nailed the process down.

Now came the tricky part: finding more leaves to work with. If possible, I wanted to source them from a women-owned business with sustainable practices and real mindfulness about what they were doing. Yuyo was seriously the perfect fit. Plus, I love Yuyo products!

Fast forward a bit, and the lovely ladies behind Yuyo and I messaged over Instagram about a potential partnership and happened to be at the opening celebration of the Happy Hour together where we got to talking. It felt right to me from the start! And wouldn’t you know, the Yuyo team let me know the seeds at Bloomsbury those years back were theirs. It was meant to be! 

The pieces we’re coming up with together are meant to bring beauty into everyday rituals and share our love for the hemp plant with the world. Each one can be used in or to support daily rituals because, as the Yuyo team rightly says, “Routines over rituals.”


Would You Say You’re New To CBD Products Or A Frequent Doser?


I was an on-again-off-again fan for a while, but I’m a frequent doser now. Consistency is key for many things, and I know that’s true for the benefits of CBD too.


What’s Your Daily Wellness Routine Look Like?


Habits are hard to create, so if not daily (we often don't do daily ourselves), what are some ways to remind yourself to take care and slow down?

I start my mornings with an AM Formula tincture, a spray of B12, and a tall glass of water + lemon juice + aloe + liquid probiotics. Then I follow that up with either a green tea, matcha, or MUD\WTR plus breakfast. I’m a big breakfast fan.

During the day, my dog takes me on walks (she’s always in the lead!). And I add either strength, microformer, or bike workouts to the mix. Moving my body is so essential for my mental health.

Before bed, my husband and I do a stretch session for either five or ten minutes. I want to add a short meditation session to my day in 2022. I’ll be starting small and slowly increasing - that’s the goal, at least!


How Did You Find Out About Yuyo?


I first found Yuyo at Lemon Laine. Such a fantastic store! I joined Club Lemon Laine last year. They’re always helping me see what’s missing in my routines and pointing me to the right products. 

What Yuyo Products Do You Use? 


I use the AM Formula and the Turmeric Salve, and I recently added the PM Formula to my routine.

Do You Have A Favorite? 


I’m such a fan of the Turmeric Salve. I’ve got an achy knee from who knows what, and putting it on daily helps me avoid pain throughout the day.

When And How Do You Use It?


I put it on in the morning and before any long walks.

Do You Take Our Tinctures Sublingually Or Maybe Put Them In A Drink? Use Them Topically? 


I tend to take the tinctures sublingually but have started playing around with adding the AM Formula to my MUD\WTR. I haven’t used the tinctures topically, but that’s a great idea!

What Are Your Wellness Go-To’s?


Do you have a cabinet full of supplements and brands, or do you have a few staples? I stick to my staples consistently but never say no to trying something new.

Would You Tell Us Who Some Of Your Heavy Hitters Are? 


I tend toward Garden of Life and Mary Ruth’s (thank you Lemon Laine for that last brand!) for supplements. I’m a diehard Tata Harper fan for skincare and sprinkle in some May Lindstrom products and Egyptian Magic Cream, which is more of a solid to oil than a cream.


You can find our collaboration with CamCo Studio Here.

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