Bringing back a throwback.
Christen Craig
Bringing back a throwback.

It’s Yuyo’s third birthday on February 12th!

It’s no coincidence that we founded Yuyo the same week as Valentine’s day. With love in the air, we can’t help but overflow with gratitude. CBD can be a challenging industry to navigate, and we thank you for choosing us to help you feel better. With your support and friendship, we found our stride to bring you truly effective plant-based wellness products. 

Yuyo understands that finding the right product can be complicated, especially when you need more than a sample to determine if cannabis wellness is right for you.

We are celebrating this weekend by packaging up our 15ml bottles in a sweet Valentine’s day gift box. It’s a perfect size and perfect price to test-drive our botanical blends in your daily routine. 


Our Daily Dose Sample Collection includes: 

15mL AM Formula
15mL PM Formula
1 oz Turmeric Salve

$77 value on sale for $50

The Whole Plant Collection includes: 

15mL Whole Plant Formula (Full Spectrum)
15mL Turmeric+ Formula (Full Spectrum)
1 oz Turmeric Salve 

 $98 value on sale for $70

Are you interested in trying a new formula? Have a friend or family member that you think would benefit from cannabis? Spread the love by sending a box to someone important to you this weekend!

The sale starts on Saturday 2/13 and ends Sunday 2/14 at midnight

 Be sure to join our mailing list for early access on sales and new product releases.

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