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Yuyo Botanics is a company created by women to get organic, Tennessee grown hemp into your hands and connect you to education. Our founders understand there is a need for transparency with this product, cannabinoid education and growing practices and as hemp farmers themselves they oversee the entire process from seed to formulation to product. Yuyo Botanics' hemp oils and salves are 100% made in Tennessee and have been 3rd party batch tested for purity, quality and cannabinoid content, both post harvest and after formulation. Our products are held to the highest standards and are grown with both organic and biodynamic practices, focusing on the soil health to ensure the plants get the best of what they need. 



Christie Tarleton
Co-Founder and Farmer of Yuyo Botanics

Amanda Matsui
Co-Founder of Yuyo Botanics

'Christie Tarleton and her husband Will have been known around Nashville for years as the local, organic hemp farmers and have been part of the Tennessee Hemp Pilot Program since it began four years ago. Through that, they helped build Hemp Policy by lobbying for hemp and met with Tennessee lawmakers to help craft and better the laws on hemp in their state. But it wasn't until Christie and her close friend Amanda Matsui made a personalized tincture for a friend's daughter who was undergoing treatment for Leukemia that Yuyo Botanics took shape.'
                                                                       -Cheyenne Arnold for Svn Space



Join us in building hemp policy on a state and national level by joining the TNHIA. 
TNHIA helps support budding and established hemp farmers + businesses by providing them a network of education and legislation opportunites. 

To learn about Tennessee hemp policy, all of the possibilities of this crop and how to get involved in hemp growing: visit our friends at the Tennessee Hemp Industries Assc. at